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Before you commit significant resources to a key initiative, leverage our experience to ensure your strategic objective, program or project is adequately planned, with a clearly defined end state and valid implementation strategy. Our objective assessment and guidance for accomplishing your goals will pay for itself during execution by ensuring you implement a comprehensive plan for success, understanding how to mitigate risks that could impact performance, and how to utilize proven resource and contract management strategies to protect your interests.

More often than not, companies fall short of realizing their strategic objectives by not adequately planning for success.  When challenges arise that threaten accomplishment of goals, business owners, executives and project managers are often tempted to apply quick fixes or default back to dated practices common within the organization. Although this can seem to satisfy near term activities, it is not often a long-term plan for success.

Alethian Strategies offers solutions to help organizations accomplish their goals. We provide objectivity and experience to turn strategic objectives into viable plans for accomplishment by applying best business and project management practices that include:

Thorough Project Planning.  This may be the most important stage in the process of managing a project, and often the one most rushed. It is when the foundation for scope, cost, schedule and quality is laid; business objectives are defined; expectations are stated; and impediments to success are identified.

Effective Process Management.  Business management and operational processes are often not aligned or integrated well enough to support each other.  Dated processes and legacy practices need reviewed to identify and implement changes to streamline operations and improve organizational efficiency.  

Diligent Project Management.  Plan the work, then work the plan.  This means following the plan, monitoring progress, communicating and integrating status, mitigating risks, leveraging opportunities and controlling changes that can affect scope, cost and schedule.

Objective Performance Analysis.  Analysis is an iterative process. It starts at the very beginning of the project, continues throughout execution, and for wise organizations, culminates in a post-project lessons learned evaluation for future reference.

​Managing a project does not have to be complicated, but it does have to be carefully defined and well planned. We can assess your existing plan and operations to look for improvements or potential shortcomings, or we can work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your organization and its goals.

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Alethian Strategies, LLC is owned and operated by Lisa Maul, MBA, PMP, a results-oriented executive with a tenured career built by managing progressively challenging projects in both the public and private sectors. In additional to managing projects associated with $25-500M contracts, she has developed, justified, and executed projects requiring annual budgets in excess of $100 million dollars, as well as life-cycle projects that exceed $1 billion dollars.

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