Strategic Planning

Corporate visions require plans for accomplishment. We provide organizational guidance and analysis to develop roadmaps and detailed implementation strategies to achieve results.​  Furthermore, we help facilitate the communication and commitment needed from your organization to ensure successful execution of those plans.

Earned Value Management System Compliance

It is best practice to plan and manage projects utilizing the concepts of earned value management per EIA 748.  We utilize those concepts to ensure your project is well planned, with a valid execution strategy that integrates and manages all aspects of scope, cost and schedule to achieve on-time, on-budget performance.  If EVMS compliance is required for your contract or project,  we also ensure that your integrated systems are established and operating with the rigor and discipline expected per EIA 748.

Project & Performance Analysis

We analyze all aspects of your operations to develop or evaluate cost and schedule estimates, assess project performance, and evaluate effectiveness of contract management strategies to support goals and objectives.  Our recommendations for improving performance will be based on a sound understanding of your scope and desired end state, taking into consideration any constraints or concerns associated with integrated processes and resource management.

Risk Management

Even the best laid plans are  subject to cost and schedule risks. We analyze factors that could affect execution and establish effective mitigation strategies to ensure successful implementation.  We also help your organization establish appropriate tracking and monitoring processes required for proactive management of all risks and opportunities throughout execution of a program or project.


We provide  leadership for various initiatives including development of technical and cost proposals, integrated contract and project management baselines, contract transitions, Independent Cost Estimates, Requests for Equitable Adjustments, and benchmarking / streamlining analyses.

Audits, Reviews, Assessments

We are proficient at determining compliance with program plans and requirements, and for determining the effectiveness of integrated processes and management control systems.